One Hit Wonders – you can’t get them out of your head

DATE: 2022-10-03
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: 2 percent, Elvis, bogey, Ice Tea, CableGuy, Big Short, Legacy, Bone, Brown Bag, Yardbird, Spokes FNGs: None
We did some hard things today. But nothing like the studs doing IPC4 nearby. T-claps to them. For the rest of us, well, when our brother @patchouli needed a Q pick-up, and the QIC had something handy from last week at the General, a redux was born. Fortunately @ice tea, @bogey, @2 percent didn’t complain too much about the do-over. And I mean fortunate because it’s more likely than not that if they did, we would have just made things worse. The premise of the beatdown today is a little stale now. A couple of weeks ago was National One Hit Wonder Day. It’s a thing.,in%20our%20minds%20and%20hearts

It’s always fun to learn something new about an F3 brother. Today I learned that @cableguy is a walking encyclopedia of 80’s music trivia. I think he knew all the artists except Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas – nobody should know that.) Impressive. There was a mention of an old habit of taping the radio, followed by snarky questions about what a tape is, and what the radio is, as if any of us isn’t an old fart that probably wore Kangaroo shoes so they could keep stuff in that little pocket.

So now the PAX are a little stronger in the body, but a little closer to melting down in front of friends and family because they can’t get these songs out of their head. What doesn’t kill you, and all that.

WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, Willie Mayes Hays, down dog all interspersed with a burpee ladder. Then a fellowship lap.

Part 1: Blind Bear Bingo
PAX lined up across the goal line, closed their eyes, and bear crawled, trying to stop at the 10 yard line. For every yard they were off, 1 burpee. Repeat, but this time bear crawling 20 yards.
Then 30.
Then 40. This took us to the opposite goal line.
This turned out to be a good social activity, because for the most part, PAX ended up next to different PAX than the ones they started with. Bonus.

Next was Blind Lunge Bingo. Super creative there. Same idea, but lunge walking and 1 Bonnie Blair (hard way) per yard of error. We did 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards, taking us back to where we started. Part 2: Time for the One Hit Wonders.

The PAX circled up and did an exercise that reminded the QIC of a one hit wonder, for 2 minutes. We stopped the songs there because it was hard, but mainly because some of the songs are unbearable. They were: 1. Bobby Hurley’s (Jump Around; House of Pain)
2. J. Lo’s (Da Butt; E.U.)
3. Monkey Humpers (Somebody’s Watching Me; Rockwell)
4. Calf raises (Don’t Worry Be Happy; Bobby McFerrin)
5. Nolan Ryans (Kung Fu Fighting; Carl Douglas)
6. V-ups (I Touch Myself; Divinyls)
7. Burpees (I Know What Boys Like; The Waitresses)

MARY: Flutter kicks, toy soldiers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Some discussion about IPC5. Sounds like it’s on at the Patriot on Friday. But I’m sure @cable guy will have more to come.

COT: The QIC recently saw a video by the Duke women’s basketball coach, Sara Lawson where she talks about handling hard, better. Life is hard. Any sufficiently worthwhile endeavor will be hard. We always think it’s going to get easier. It doesn’t. We just get better at it. If you’re waiting around for life to get easy, it’s always going to seem hard. Work at doing hard, and you can enjoy it. This really resonates to me with what we do at F3. We come out in the morning to put in the work. To encourage each other. To be there and help a brother when things are hard.

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