Mass Hysteria (ACFT Gone Bad)

DATE: 2022-09-15
AO: Highlands
PAX: Jag, Monk, Toolbox
FNGs: Down Range from Tuscaloosa – Bunyan & Honey (FNG), Gruber (FNG) COUNT: 7
WARMUP: Fellowship Lap, SSH, Overhead Press, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Willie Mays Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Kobra Kai
THE THANG: Rounds of 25M and Back per Lane – 400m Lap after everyone completes their lane. Rotate Lanes after each Lap. Lane 1 – ~80lb sled drag & Squats; Lane 2 – 40lb KB Farmer’s Carry & 40lb KB deadlift; Lane 3 – 10lb Ball Throw & Plank; Lane 4 – Bear Crawl & Hand Release Merkin. 5 rounds completed. MARY: Downward Dog, Kobra Kai, Willie Mays Hayes
COT: God is Sovereign over all things. Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. We went camping last week and I had a humble reminder of God’s Sovereignty over all our ‘steps’. My toddler went racing out into the street and I ran yelling to grab him. I got to him right before a Ram truck came to a stop just a couple feet from where he was heading. God is Sovereign over both Ram trucks and little boys.

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