DATE: 2022-09-13
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: citrus, Moneyball, Toolbox, Ice Tea, XL
FNGs: None
The Q didn’t feel like planning a bunch of exercises this morning. So he decided to let the PAX pick them.

WARMUP: SSH, imperial walkers, copperhead squats, willie mays hayes, Moroccan night clubs, cherry pickers, downward dog.

THE THANG: The Adjudicator. It’s a lot of power in a single PAX hands, but I had a lot of trust in this crew, and they lived up to it. One PAX, the decider, calls out an exercise. The Adjudicator decides if the exercise is easier or harder than 5 burpees. If it’s harder, you do the exercise. If it’s easier, then you do 10 burpees. The decider the chooses the next decider, and becomes the adjudicator for the next round. PAX run a quarter of the track between exercises to give time to decide. We played 8-9 rounds of this, including a brilliant exercise chosen by @toolbox – 11 burpees. Which most agreed was harder than 5 burpees, and also 10 burpees. Fun times.

Then we did a round of “22s.” It’s a lot like 11s but with two exercises. The PAX ran 50 yards, did 10 merkins and 10 tuck jumps, then ran back and did 1 Carolina dry dock and 1 Bonnie Blair (hard way). Repeat with the 10s counting down to 1 and the 1s counting up to 10.

MARY: WWIs and American Hammer (aka a deconstructed Captain Thor)


COT: Same as yesterday. The Q pointed out that after leaving the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, he never heard 9/11 mentioned again. Couldn’t remember that ever happening before. Very grateful for this group and the chance to honor those who sacrificed.

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