Hurt Ladder Up, Hurt Ladder down

DATE: 2022-08-25
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Jag
WARMUP: SSH, Air squats,Lunges, windmills high knees, mtn climbers, big lap mosey
THE THANG: ladders starting with 5 pullups, 5 pullups 10 air squats, 5 pull ups 10 squats 15 ssh,…etc going up and down with Jag and toolbox mixing it up, up to 35 something or others, mid set break Mary, bleacher work, more Mary and mosey/follow the leader…etc
MARY: Freddy Mercury, black widow merkins, cork screw/twisting heels to heaven, and American Hammers with a twist.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 911 stair climb, Monday night beat down into MNFootball/berr/pizzateria ay NightHawk 7:30-8:15 9/12/22 COT: roll with it. don’t fight the flow.

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