EMOM 45s

DATE: 2022-08-17
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Old Bay, Kodiak, 3 mile, Disco, Poe
FNGs: @armbar, @atache, @popcorn
WARMUP: CherryPicker, WMH, assorted yoga-ish stretches; not running mosey THE THANG: 4 sets of 6 round EMOMs.
Work for 45 sec. Rest for 15.
-4 or 5 blockies then mountain climbers
-8 to 10 kettle bell swings then jump squats
-4 or 5 squat press then weighted squat
-4 or 5 grave diggers then superman merkins
MARY: Ring of fire shoulder taps; assorted stretches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Welcome @Popcorn!

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