DATE: 2022-08-09
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: Hammerhead
FNGs: Probotic (from Houston “Spillway” AO
WARMUP: SSHs|Side-Slide-Touch|WarriorHolds|HalfJacks|Lunges|HighKnees|Snowboarders

THE THANG: “Pier Work” BearCrawl_Karaoke_InchWorms_BroadJumps_WalkingLunges….MOSEY Along the Navy Yard Waterfront…REPEAT (add-ins: Dips and CrawlBear MARY: Ins-Outs_Flutterkicks-HelloDollies
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Not an Announcement, but a Question: Any AOs next to Natty Harbour? COT: Try to Be Thankful–Everyday

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