Zeus B-Day Q 8-13-52

DATE: 2022-08-05
AO: Sparta
Q: Zeus
PAX: Peanuts, Hightower, Obadiah, Pop Fly
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Michael Phelps, Arm circles, Rockets, Willie Mays, DDD, Cobra Kai, run bleachers 2x’s
THE THANG: 5 balloons with 5 written gift inside set at 5 stations around School. Run to each station where each PAX pops balloon and leads gifted exercises written on paper in balloon. Balloon #1- 8 Burpee’s, 13 Squats (3 count), 52 Monkey Humpers Balloon #2- 8 Burpee’s, 13 Squats (3 count ), 52 Hand Release Merkins #3- 8 Burpee’s, 13 Squats (3 count), 52 Bigg Boyz
#4- 8 Burpee’s, 13 Squats (3 count) 52 Tricep Dips
#5- 8 Burpee’s, 13 Squats (3 count), 52 Lunges)
MARY: One PAX does 10 Hula Hoops while the rest of the PAX does an Ab exercise ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 Stair-climb, Dads Camp
COT: 8-13-52= 8-13 is the date of my 2 year F3 b-day.
52= I turned 52 today.
-Best gift ever given to all of us is the gift of life. We are given the gift of life from the ultimate giver but it’s up to us to manage it. Manage it by taking care of the body /temple by eating right, exercising, having good positive thoughts to uplift yourself, caring/taking care of your family and helping/lifting up others. I am great full for another lap around the sun. I don’t take my my birthdays for granted because I know that millions didn’t make to this age but I’m one of the ones who did.

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