Hits Close to Home

DATE: 2022-07-23
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: Moneyball, Legacy
FNGs: DR PAX Mole (Toledo), Shank
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Willy Mays Hays.
Ricky Bobby Mosey through the neighborhood until abruptly stopping at a townhouse that happened to be the abode. Picked up 4 coupons that were conveniently stored on the porch and moseyed back to the Sandlot for some circuits.

2 rounds of each circuit, with a mosey separating each circuit to give the PAX a breather. Each circuit had 4 stations and 1 timer who ran an out and back.

Circuit 1 – Timer: Run 40 yards out and back
KB Swings, Overhead Press, Calf Raises, Curls.

Circuit 2 – Timer: Backpedal 30 yards out and back
Goblet squats, Skull crushers, Man-makers, Flutter Kicks.

Circuit 3 – Timer: Lateral shuffle with coupon 20 yards out and back Derkins, plank, crossover merkins, American hammers.

Moseyed back to YHC’s house to return the coupons. Mosey back to the start.

MARY: Ring of Fire merkins 4-4-3-2-1. Each PAX picked an ab exercise.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: S/O to Mole for visiting from Toledo to visit his daughter.

COT: YHC listened to a podcast with pop start Mike Posner who did some soul-searching and sought to re-invent himself, starting with a Walk Across America. How did he start such a monumental feat? By talking one step. When we have a big daunting goal – finding a new job, losing 20lbs, or becoming a saint – it starts today by just talking the first step.

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