One Small Step (of Pain)

DATE: 2022-07-21
AO: Freestate
Q: Wildcat
PAX: Deagle, Horshack, Butter
FNGs: None
Side-Straddle-Hop: x 25 IC
Swingbillies: x 15 IC
Arm circles/Chinooks: x 10/5/5/10 IC
Cherry Pickers: x 15 IC
Mountain Climbers: x 15 IC
Plank Jacks: x 15 IC
Hairy Rockettes: x 15 IC
Windmills: x 15 IC

Mosey to grab coupons

The Thang:
1X, 2X, 3X . . . to 9X (within mosey intervals)
Overhead Coupon Presses
Star Jumps
Coupon Curls
Coupon Squats

Mosey to return coupons

Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
LBCs x 15 IC
Flutters x 15 IC
Plankorama/Nolan Ryans: 10/10/10/10 IC
Big boy sit-ups x 15 IC
X Factors x 15 IC

COT: Ignoring time zones, today is the anniversary of the first time men walked on the moon (02:56 UTC). I’m quite sure I’m the only guy here who watched it live, because none of you kids was even born yet. Needless to say, it was a REALLY big deal. But that’s not what I want to focus on. You’ve probably heard that the Apollo 11 moonshot was accomplished with less computing power than is on each of our smartphones, and that the entire Apollo program used less computing than a single Google search. And, yet, with just those rudimentary tools, they were able to work together to accomplish what seemed almost impossible at the time. Jump forward 53 years — we have all this computing power, and access to all the stuff we can instantly get on our screens 24/7 (or 24/6 for the orthodox Jews in my family), but what are we doing with it? I can only speak for myself, but I know I would be a lot better off with less screen time and less of a comfortable, virtual life, and more real, actual life, doing more hard things, doing more satisfying things, doing more things with real people face-to-face in “real time.” In fact, I think that is one of the most essential things that makes F3 so vitally important to us, and for whatever other guys we can hook into the cult. For 45 minutes or an hour, the smartphones are away, we are 100% present here, with no distractions, doing something real, together, with a great group of guys. That is one of the reasons why these way too-early mornings are among the high points of my day and my week. My hope today for myself and, frankly, for all you guys too, is that we are all able to find more ways, big and small, to be more present in our own lives, and with our wives, and with our families, and with our friends, and to actually do more things together with other people, in person, every day, every week, every month. I sincerely thank you all for the opportunity to do that here, with you guys. I cannot tell you just how grateful I truly am for this crap.

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