Rambler’s Revenge

DATE: 2022-07-09
AO: Olympus
Q: Peanuts
PAX: Nano, Rambler, Roddick, Rollingstone, citrus, Zeus
FNGs: Woody (FNG), McGruber (FNG), Key West (Willy Loman)
IWs x10, LBACs x15 IC, RLBAC x15 IC, OH Press x10 IC, 🦭 Claps x10 IC, Moroccan NC x10 IC, WMH x10 IC, Calf Stretch x7 each leg, everything stretch x10, groin stretch x 10

We were going to play ultimate frisbee and drink Mai Tais by the pool this morning but Rambler showed up and he was having none of it. Q crunched his brain and came up with The Thang:

Partner up and commence the following in a DORA fashion:

100x OH presses with coupon / Farmers Carry with 2x coupons up the ramp and back

150x curls with coupon / continue farmers carry

200x goblet squats with coupon / hallelujah run with coupon to bruin

250x kettle bell swings with coupon / crawl up grassy hill, mosey cross country to gate and Bernie back

300x standing twists with coupon / bunny hop stairs with 45x squats at top

Circle up for some pre-Mary monkey humpers. As Chris Elliot tells usyou don’t want to go into Mary with a loaded gun. Each Pax called out 20x IC until we got to Rambler.


25x Pickle Pointers, 25x Flutter kicks IC, 20x LBCs IC, 25x PJs IC. Again we made to Rambler so we had to quit.


COT: Bad things happen for good reasons. Don’t get discouraged when something doesn’t go your way, something else good is likely right around the corner. The end of the story remains unwritten.

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