Fun with Rocks

DATE: 2022-07-05
AO: Atlantis
Q: Tim Leahy (Forceps)
PAX: Infinity, Deflator, True North
FNGs: None
Warm Up: 10x3cts of: Good Mornings, Windmills, Daisy Pickers and SSH .

Mosey to rock pile.

The Workout

Cusack to the dock and workout alternating rocks between exercises.

3 sets of 10x3ct of Curls for the Girls and Overhead Tricep Press, 2 sets of 10x3ct Bus Drivers, Wonder Bras, Rut Rows and Ground Pounders.

2 sets of 15x3ct 6 Inches and 10x3ct Box cutters, 15x3ct Rockies

Mosey to the Wall of Pain: 3 sets of 40 ct Balls to the Wall and Wall Sits (Prisoner, Al Gore and Moroccan Nightclub style)

Mosey back to COT for 5 minutes of Mary. 20x3ct LBCs, 15x3ct Freddie Mercuries, 15x3ct HeelTaps, 30 ct Chilcutt Planks, 10x3ct Homer to Marge,

Ended it with some stretching: Pigeon Pose and Downward Dog

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