Working around the courts and pitch

DATE: 2022-06-21
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Glee, Pop Fly, Peanuts, Dunder, Hightower
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, good mornings, arm circles, WMH
THE THANG: There were four rounds total, one each at the basketball and tennis courts, and two at the soccer field. Round 1:
The six PAX each took a spot around the basketball court, either at the corners or half court. Each did the following exercise and bear crawled on to the next spot on the court: 10x Derkins
20x Calf Raises
20x SSH
10x Jump Squats
20x Overhead Claps
10x Air Squats

Round 2:
Repeated everything but on the tennis courts (along the outside boarder) and it was a lunge walk between spots. This led to some Ricky-Bobby to the field for the next round
Round 3&4: Same as round 2 but all exercises were doubled and the PAX ran between spots. This left a little time for 2 laps of Ricky Bobby then on to Mary. MARY: Glees and big boys.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: This marks just over 3 years of the #delphi AO. It has been going very strong with a great core of consistent members and weekly spikes well into the double digits. COT:

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