Fifty burpees with a side coupon work

DATE: 2022-06-14
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Derecho, Zeus, Rambler, Juneau, YNAB, Peanuts, Bluegrass FNGs: None
WARMUP: The usual

Starting at the end line we did the following with the coupon 1xShoulder press
3xBent rows
4xAir squats

Followed by:
5x Burpees
Then ran, shuffled, bear crawled, hopped, etc, to the 50 yr and back to pick up the coupon and walk 5 yards towards the 50 yrd line.

Rinse and repeat, but increased every coupon exercise by 1.

Once we hit the 50 yrd line we stopped the 5 burpees and mixed in some Mary instead but kept working up in reps until we hit the 40 yd.

Introducing the “Rust Stains.” This Mart exercise consists of placing the cinder block so the holes are on the sides. Then on your six, put one foot in each hole. Then lift the CB with your legs and extend them away from your body placing the CB on the grown. Slide your but towards the CB bending your knees in the process. Rinse and repeat until you make your way down the field.

MARY: Rust stains (40 yds), big boys

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence July 18th at Roosevelt Island!

COT: Life is a balancing act. What you choose to spend your time on really matters and it is something you can control.

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