The Capital Tour of the Farm

DATE: 2022-06-09
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Popeyes, Jenner, Yardbird, 2 percent, Lazlo, Chile, Red Hot, Matthew – Running Man FNGs: None
WarmUp: Imperial Walkers, Don Quixotes, Beet Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, and LBAC with leg raised.

The Thang: Tour of the Farm
– 60 Wall sit on fence with Med Ball passes
– Sprint 60m to halfway mark on first field
– 20 Derkins off bench
– Sprint 60m to end of first field
– Tabata Squats, 8 rounds
– Bear Crawl 40m across field
– 10-1 Motivators
– Sprint 80m to 2nd field far corner
– 5-10-5 Jack Webb’s
– Walking Lunge 40m to halfway mark of 2nd field
– 20 Derkins off bench
– Sprint 60m to end of 2nd field
– Balls to Wall on fence
– 40m Reverse Walking Lunge
– Jamie: 20s Boat Pose, 20s Crunchie Frogs, 20s Boat Pose
– Sprint 80m to start

Mary: Captain Thors (1:4 ratio of Sit-ups to American Hammers) and Nolan Ryans

YHC related how F3 and the Capital Tour has helped him deal with and obtain direction to current challenges in life and family. By posting at an F3 workout, we are, as Popeyes stated yesterday, being each other’s physical and mental therapist. YHC closed out with a prayer.

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