Brown Bag’s Awesome Plyo Mix

DATE: 2022-06-06
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Brown Bag
PAX: 3 mile, sticks, Mr Haand, Yardbird
FNGs: Kombucha, Attache
WARMUP: SSH, DQ, WMH, CP, SSH, Calf Raises, Down Dog, Cobra Kai
THE THANG: Series of 4 plyo exercises with the first 3 performed for 30 seconds and the last for one minute, with the first 3 groups of 4 exercises performed twice and the last group performed once (exercises included: jump squat, run-stance squat, airborne heisman, swing kick, squat reach jump, run-stance squat switch pickup, double airborne heisman, circle run, jump knee tuck, bonnie blair, leapfrog squat, twist combo, run squat 180 jump switch, lateral leapfrog squat, monster truck tires, and hot foot) MARY: American Hammer, Penguin Crunch, Superman
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 6/18 5-year F3 The Capital Convergence at Roosevelt Island; Monthly Challenge COT: Minute of mindful breathing, don’t forget regular dermatology check-ups!

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