Twin Peaks – Capital Tour Kickoff

DATE: 2022-06-05
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Old Bay, Maj. Payne, Ice Tea, Patchouli, Hightower, Jenner, Lazlo, Horshack, Infinity, Kodiak FNGs: None

Walking warm up with Itty Bitty Arm Circles, Lunge Walk, and Michael Phelps


5.2 miles in Falls Church, including

– Tower Street, 470 ft above sea level
– Prout Hill, 432 ft above sea level


– Roberts Park – Ruck Ring of Fire
Rotate each exercise to the ruck on your left, see what your PAX buddy is carrying Ruck Curls
Ruck Squats
Ruck Swings
Ruck Thrusters
Ruck Overhead Press
Ruck Atlas Shrug
Ruck Goblet Squats
Ruck Around the World
Ruck Curls again!

Cavalier Trail Park – Get Slow

9 Count Ruck Merkins
9 Count Ruck Squats
50 Ruck Presses

Big Chimney Park – Dora

Double Ruck Fireman’s Carry / Burpees

Ring of Fire


Convergence – June 18th


My M is a school phycologist and works with a lot of boys who are wards of the state at a group home. She has one that she has been trying to help get through high school to graduation, he has to do summer school but should graduate at age 20 in August. He’s looking to do audio engineering and was going to an open house, but the group home was just going to drop him off for two hours then pick him back up.

My M asked if we could take him, because he has no parents in his life and she wanted to provide him some support and guidance. I agreed, never having met the kid, mostly to be nice to my M.

We pick him up from the group home, go to the event, help him gather all the program information, sit through some demos, alumni Q&A and finance aid review. Afterwards we picked up 5 Guys for lunch.

Through out the day, the kid thanked us about 1,000s times, talked about how it was a blessing from God that we were there for him, and at lunch he made a statement that “you guys are like me parents” and this was the best day of his life.

I’d had only met him an hour and half before, it was heartbreaking. This kid was so hungry for care, he had lost his parents, his twin, and us taking few hours of our life for him meant everything. I listened to him, tried to give him some advice without being to heavy handed, and bought him a cheeseburger and a shake. Not a big lift on my part, but it meant so much to him.

Takeaways –

1 be grateful for what you have and what you are able to provide for your kids, the most valuable thing you provide them isn’t monetary, it is your time, attention and love.

2 – give back when and where you can, donations are great and tax deductible, but your time and attention can bring a lot more to someone’s life

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