American Gladiator PowerBall-ish

DATE: 2022-06-05
AO: Olympus
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Ashe, Hightower, Nano, Zeus, YNAB, Yard Sale, Derecho
FNGs: @rollingstone @Landslide @simba @peanuts
WARMUP: SSH, Mountain climbers, cherry pickers, Moroccoan nightclubs, rockettes
THE THANG: Part 1: Pax partnered up for about ten up and back runs with A running to a decreasing touch line and B doing an exercise, switching after the out and back. Roughly 10 rounds with the following exercises: Merkins, squats, step back lunges, overhead arm claps, lbcs, WW2s, burpees. Ended with wheelbarrow to 20 yards and back and then switch.

Part 2: attempt at powerball with four spread out cans serving as goals and roughly 3 PAX taking on the other 9-10 in trying to prevent ball scoring. With refinement probably could get to a B+, but really a C- at this stage. Switched to using the soccer midfield circle for dodgeball

MARY: Freddy Mercuries, row boats
ANNOUNCEMENTS: f3Tour kicking off
COT: I Kings 2, David’s final instructions to his son on success.

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