Gettin’ Back After It!

DATE: 2022-06-04
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Butter, Deagle, CashOnly, Wildcat, Horshack
FNGs: Cannoli

39 side straddle hops
15 swing billies
2x 5 mirkins/5 mountain climbers/5 plank jacks ic
2 laps
10 slow toe touch squats ic
10 Bonnie blairs ic
15 cherry pickers
10 pickle pointers ic


Each person moves 2 coupons from corner to corner around the basketball court one at a time while everyone completes the following:

Round 1: jump squats
Round 2: plank jacks
Round 3: flutters
Round 4: shoulder tap mirkins
Round 5: lunges
Round 6: Freddie mercuries
Round 7: wall sit

Each person shoot 2 free throws. Total made baskets subtracted from 20 is number of burpees pax completes

Century climb

Pax plays basketball with “burpee fines”


Flutter combo

10x flutters then…10x

Reverse crunches
X factors

Plankorama with 10 ic count
Travoltas in the sides
Shoulder taps second middle round
Mountain climbers final middle round


The F3 Capital Tour this week comes freestate’s way on Tuesday. Everybody should arrive dressed for success with hair combed!! Governor Hogan says this is Maryland’s big chance

Also – shutting down FreeState on June 18 for the Capital Region Convergence at Teddy Roosevelt Island which begins at 7a. Clown car from FreeState


Discussed ideas for Tuesday’s beatdown as a way to show off various dimensions of our AO, and gave thanks that Horshack’s COVID diarrhea didn’t follow him to today’s beatdown.

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