Ultimate Heavy Stuff

DATE: 2022-05-27
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: 3 mile, Bambi, Poe, Flipper, Yardbird, Kodiak, sticks, Lazlo, Mayberry FNGs: Attaché
A gray day in the gloom brought 11 PAX out for some circuit fun lifting heavy stuff and a bit of F3 Ultimate. Once Mayberry finished his 5 x penalty burpees for a late arrival, the PAX got down to business.

WARMUP: SSH, IW, WMH, Cherry Pickers, BWS, Merkins

THE THANG: Mosey to the little turf area on the other side of Discovery Elementary where YHC placed some heavy stuff for some circuit training. 2 x rounds of 30 seconds on / 15 seconds off. Station 1: Wall balls with the 20# medicine ball; Station 2: Battle ropes; Station 3: Coupon curl; Station 4: KB Squat; Station 5: Coupon Overhead Press; Station 6: KB Swing; Station 7: Single 70# bucket farmer carry; Station 8: Burpees; Station 8: Sandbag obliques drag; Station 10:: Chain ground to overhead; Station 10: Burpees

Then mosey back to the field for some F3 ultimate frisbee for the remainder of the workout.

MARY: 10 x Flutter kick

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day Murph and F3 Picnic Monday. Also take time to remember those who have all in service to our country. Lazlo’s 8 workouts in 7 days is coming up June 5-11. Also, the F3TheCapital 4-Year Anniversary Convergence is coming June 18 at Roosevelt Island.

COT: Always an honor to Q! Find ways to lead. It makes a difference!

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