“Thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough

DATE: 2022-05-25
AO: Compound
Q: citrus
PAX: Hightower, Mark Euler, Yardbird, Speedo (Brad Luring), Peanuts FNGs: @fourpeat (Mark Euler)
Every 9:29 (from the start of the warmup until the end of the COT), we performed 5 merkins and 25 calf raises, representing the amount of time Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s and the date of Floyd’s murder by Officer Chauvin.

WARMUP: SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, IW, hillbillies, world’s greatest stretch, down dog

PART 1: Run 1 mile (monthly challenge, ✅)
PART 2: Pyramid of 11s (squats and burpees)
PART 3: Ultimate frisbee with 1 burpee penalty for dropping the disc. Then ultimate football when the disc kept getting dropped. Scoring team chose a Mary-like exercise after each TD.

MARY: Everyone took a turn leading an exercise. Flutter kicks, big boy situps, LBCs, T-stabilizers, merkins.

– “Thoughts and Prayers” aren’t enough. 20 kids dead at the hands of a guy with a gun. – Murph WOD: Mon 5/30 starts at 7am at GMU followed by coffeterria – Family Picnic: Mon 5/30 starts at 11am runs all day, Lake Accotink – Anniversary Convergence Sat, June 18 starts at 7am Roosevelt Island

COT: How can we each be an ally to support the Black community as well as others who may be oppressed? How can we continue to support diversity in F3 organization locally and on a national level?
(COT borrowed from here: https://f3princeton.com/2022/02/02/black-history-month-tribute-partner-wo/)

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