Pace Yourself

DATE: 2022-05-24
AO: General
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Jenner, Traveler, Lazlo, 2 percent
FNGs: FNG Nielsen
The morning started off with a nice surprise as the key guy showed up to unlock the stadium at 0525, so all PAX began on the field and on time — except for Jenner, who decided to take the highway from his home two miles away and got stuck in traffic. Note to self: Always avoid the highway of at all possible! Great to have a FNG along for the adventure through the gloom as well!

WARMUP: SSH, IW, WMH, Cherry pickers, 20 x BWS, LBACs, 20 x BWS

The Pacer: 100yds at one mile pace, 200 yds at one mile pace, 300 yds at one mile pace, 400 yds at one mile pace. We ended up with two groups: a six minute mile group and eight minute mile group.

The Thang 2:
The wheelbarrow pyramid: Partner up. P1 grab P2’s legs for wheelbarrow to the 10 yd line. Then 5 x Merkins. 10 x BWS. Switcheroo and do the same (P2 grabs P1’s legs for wheelbarrow to 20 yd line, 5 x Merkins and 10 x BWS). Keep progressing along while swapping partners for wheelbarrows for 10 and 15 Merkins each 10 yds with 10 x BWS at each switch until at the far side of the football field.

The Thang 3:
Murderous Miracle Mile: Run at previous set pace. Each 100 yds, stop and perform requisite exercise. 10 x burpees at start. At 100 yd mark, do 20 x Box jumps. At 200 yd mark, do 30 x Carolina Dry Docks. At 300 yd mark, do 40 x BWS.

We had to modify to a half mile for time purposes. Finished with 2 x 40 BWS to get to 300 BWS total for the workout.

MARY: 10 x Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lots! Murph on Memorial Day followed by F3TheCapital picnic at Accotink Park 11a-3p. 4 Year convergence June 18 0700 at Roosevelt Park.

COT: Life is about pacing. Yes, we want to be accelerating, but we also need to pace ourselves. Go too fast and you burn out. Go too slow and you get left behind. Rely on your brothers and pace with them and you will ultimately accelerate perfectly.


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