DATE: 2022-05-18
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: Zeus, Peanuts
FNGs: None
Stretch, warmups and fellowship jog up to basketball courts.

Line up on End line. PAX goes full court, make layout out and back, while other PAX air squat. Repeat except now with SSH. Full court shuttle run, double courts.
Back to hoops, for full court and stop for jump shot. PAX do air squats. Repeat, PAX SSH. Full court shuttle run, double courts.

Next we moved to 3-PAX game of HORSE. Make the shot, you get to call the punishment. First PAX to HORSE, out but continue to play. Many rounds of punishment given as PAX made all different types of baskets.

Finally we played 1 on 2 half court. Alternating 2 PAX on defense, with 1 trying to score.

Short on time, knocked out 20 cc flutter kicks.

Memorial Day: Murph & Family Picnic

Grateful for another beautiful morning and to enjoy hoops with you boys.

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