Coupons Make Lousy Umbrellas

DATE: 2022-05-13
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Old Bay, 3 mile, Poe, Jag, Disco, Mayberry, Mr Haand
FNGs: None

The usual, starting with the Side Straddle Hop, as F3 law dictates Next – a lot of should work, hum…, wonder if Old Bay is planning for coupons?


All coupons, all the time
Lots-O-Squats variations
Fellowship Lap

Damn – more coupons

Did we really just do 100 chest presses?

Some relaxing Coupon-a-cides


Jane Fonda’s hurt


Murph – a noble endeavor
Bone-A-Thon – a less noble endeavor
F3 Memorial Day Picnic
Rock Creek Rally Ruck of the Month this Sunday
Barn Burner over night ruck by F3 Blue Ridge
Happy Birthday JAG!


Sometimes when it rains, seek shelter until it passes, but sometimes you just have to embrace the suck and push on.

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