Ruck Make-up

DATE: 2022-05-09
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: Mr Haand, Disco, Old Bay, 3 mile, Brown Bag, vplaxico
FNGs: @attache
WARMUP: SSH, Arm circles, michael phelps, don quixote, cherry pickers, WMH, stretching
THE THANG: Fellowship lap to the Coupons; murder bunny to the 6, 18, rifle carry to the 50 and to the 18; murder bunny to the 6 and the goal line with 10 air squats at each stop; repeat.
Coupon carry to various stops around the AO to perform merkins, overhead press, curls and squats; stop at the Discovery turf for a 5-burpee ring-of-fire while pax hold various plank positions; return to the AO for 10 final air squats (and a final of 120 for the monthly challenge)

MARY: Flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check slack for details about upcoming events such as Memorial Day BBQ

COT: Thinking about my COT yesterday on Mother’s Day, I thought about something I admire in my M. In our catholic tradition, we’re encouraged to welcome the stranger. This year my wife has put that into action, and our family has helped move settle two Afghan refugee families into our NoVa community by securing donations, collecting and delivering furniture, etc. For that I’m thankful and proud of her. I encourage all of you to welcome the stranger as well.

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