Breaking in the Sandlot

DATE: 2022-04-30
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: Old Bay, Jenner, Toolbox, CableGuy, Babel, sticks, fist pump, Magoo, Trolley, spike, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Big Short, Bone, Popeyes
FNGs: FNG Peaches, FNG Sox, FNG Wolverine, FNG Cork, FNG Shakespeare, FNG Hot Pocket, FNG Hot Chicken, Bleu Cheese, attache COUNT: 23
The launch of our brand new AO: The Sandlot! Affiliated with St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Clarendon. YHC was preparing to Q for 7 PAX. We got 23 instead. Modify as necessary.

WARMUP: Explained core principles of F3. SSH, Imperial Walkers, LBAC.

PAX gathered at the basketball court at Quincy Park for some circuits. PAX formed 5 groups, split between 4 stations and a timer group. Once the timer group finished their exercise, PAX switched to the next station.

Circuit 1: Lap around tennis courts (timer), Freddy Mercuries, Hand-Release Merkins, Jump Squats, Coupon Overhead Press.

Circuit 2: Lunge walk (timer), Calf raises, burpees, Derkins, Curls.

Circuit 3: Frog jump (timer), blockees, jump taps, dips, American hammers.

Dora 123: 100 Merkins, 200 WWIIs, 300 Mountain Climbers. PAX2 jogs 30 yards out and back while PAX 1 completes exercises towards the count. Switch until all exercises completed.

MARY: Gas pedals, penguin crunches.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Boneathon, F3 The Capital Tour, Memorial Day Picnic and Murph.

COT: Matthew 5: 37. “Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. All else comes from the evil one.” Let’s be men of conviction who have our priorities established and live according to those priorities. Family, friends, work, and faith. YHC closed in a prayer of thanksgiving.

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