Spring Stations

DATE: 2022-04-22
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Fish Fry
PAX: Mr. Hand, Faceplant, Mayberry, Poe, Disco, Magoo, Kodiak, sticks, Lazlo, 3 mile FNGs: Attache’
WARMUP: Imperial Walker, Michael Phelps and a lot of previews to prepare for the stations: Squat Jacks, Nordic Tracks, Progressive Motivators, Superman with Pull Ups, Never Surrenders.

4 Stations were set up with station 1 pacing the rotations while everyone else was AMRAP. Station one did moving exercises from semi-circle at the top of the box to the end line and back.

Station 1: Pacer. Do exercise to the top of the semi-circle on the goal box. Do not progress until team is done. Bear Crawl
Traveling Merkins
Murder Merkins
Traveling Dolphins

Station 2: Legs AMRAP
Never Surrenders (mod Bonnie Blairs)
Sumo squats
Squatty Potties (foot release squats) or hover squats (mod)
Lunges with coupon

Station 3: Back and Tris AMRAP
Bent over rows
Superman with pull up
Tricep extensions
Reverse snow angels

Station 4: Cardio AMRAP
Progressive motivators
Nordic Tracks
Squat jacks
Star jumps

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: AO world tour, Backpacking
COT: I was a funeral recently for the infant son of a friend. His baby died a couple of months due to a genetic defect. I knew him from when he was a young kid in a youth group at our church. I did a couple of things here and there him and his twin brother in the youth group, and sometimes played sports with him at picnics. I didn’t really see him for over a decade but then saw him again when he move back into the area and we had overlapping circles again. The reminder of now having him as an adult friend and being able to walk with him through a hard time of suffering was of the rewards in investing in your kids friends. We all know we should invest in our kids. But I was surprised at how those small interactions over the years when he was a teen bore fruit many years later. My encouragement was to be intentional in relating to your kids friends sowing seeds for the long term.

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