Social Motion

DATE: 2022-04-24
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Magoo, Legacy, Yardbird, Old Bay
FNGs: None

Walking warm up with arm circles, lunge walk, walking imperial walkers and Michael Phelps.


5.79 mixed miles of urban, trail, and WOD. Two mini-beatdowns

1 – Dora, one team air squats while the other alternated lunge walk and bear crawl across the field, switch, then one team flutter kicks while the other team skips down the field and karaoke back, switch. 2 – SLOOWW workout with 9 count merkins, squats, and curls.

Magoo tossed in ruck shuffles throughout the morning as the urge hit him.


Two sets of round robin exercises, PAX choice


May ROTM – Rock Creek Rally
June ROTM – Dad Ruck, 2.0 and fur baby friendly

Both Blue Ridge and Annapolis have shared Rucks on the slack.


Thankful to be rucking with friends again!

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