Dora’s Mall Walkers

DATE: 2022-04-15
AO: Sparta
Q: Lightyear
PAX: Rambler, K-Pop, Zeus
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Willy Maze Haze, and 1 lap Ricky Bobby
THE THANG: A Dora-ish Routine and some Coups Carry – partner workout for cumulative reps. While 1 pax gets after reps the other pax run the 10 yrd line do 1 burpee, back to end line, run to the 20 yrd line do 2 burpees, back to end line, runs to 30 yrd line do 3 burpees, back to end line. Reps were 100 coupon bent over rows, 100 merkins, 100 coupon squats, 300 LBCs. Because the PAC flew this routine we had time for some Mall Walkers – coupon carry for 2 laps, with a rifle carry along each curve of the track. Everyone had a lot of fun. . .
MARY: PAX round robin – American Hammer, Ramblers one stiff legged up touch thing, Flutter kicks, Zeus’s arm curl into a arm raise thing while on the knees, and No Surrenders ANNOUNCEMENTS: Street Clean Up, Hiking, and Dads Camp
COT: No OYO – leave no man behind and leave no man where you find him. We better our community together.

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