The Grass has Landmines!

DATE: 2022-04-05
AO: Atlantis
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Grease Monkey, Hammerhead, Lazlo, Bone
FNGs: FNG Sensai
WARMUP: SSH, IW, WMH, Cherry pickers, BWS, Merkins

THE THANG: One coupon per pair for some Dora – Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 exercises, switch up after each lap with pairs completing 40 x jump over the block burpees, then 100 x Merkins, and finally 100 x Coupon Squats. Be careful bc the grass has landmines! Once complete, Mosey toward Nats Stadium, with a sprint between the first set of streetlights, then mosey a set and sprint for two sets of streetlights, mosey a set and sprint to the end of the boardwalk. At Nats stadium, complete Jacobs ladder with BWS at the top and Burpees at the bottom. Once complete, mosey back toward the SP, stopping for some box jumps (15), Derkins (15), bench sit-ups (25) and finally 2 x max pull-ups sets under the bridge (partners assist). Grab blocks and partner 1 lunges while partner 2 bear crawls back to start. MARY: Flutter kicks, LBC, American Twists and Freddie Mercuries. ANNOUNCEMENTS: contact Old Bay to be part of GrowRuck SLT.
COT: Just like a GrowRuck, in life, we must rely on our buddies. Life is a team event, and it’s important to be there to help as well as ask for help.

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