Fellowship of the Ring

DATE: 2022-04-04
AO: Patriot
Q: Roadkill
PAX: Ice Tea, citrus, Legacy, Wedding Singer, Lazlo, Lucius
FNGs: @Coconuts, @Red Elephant
WARMUP: SSH, Jump Squats, CP/WMH, DD/CK, World’s Greatest Stretch
THE THANG: Half lap with the coupon, circle around 50 yard line ring for series of coupon based exercises, and then series of body weight exercises, and back to coupons. Perform an exercise while one PAX does murder bunnies around the periphery of the ring. That PAX then leads the next exercise, around the circle one at a time. Once all made it around switch to lunge around the periphery one at a time for a series of body weight exercises. Then rifle carry for a series of coupon exercises. MARY: LBC’s, fire hydrants, donkey kicks.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Welcome to Red Elephant from Tallahassee. Consider the GrowRuck event with a Friday night dinner, Saturday morning workout then lecture series, Saturday night ruck CSAUP, Sunday breakfast.
COT: Mangled JR Tolkien quote from Bilbo at his birthday celebration to those gathered, “I know half of you as well as I would like, and like less than half of you as well as you deserve.” Encouragement to put time and effort in to make new friendships and get to know the friends you have better.

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