March Madness!

DATE: 2022-03-18
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: 3 mile, Disco, Maj. Payne, Mr Haand, Old Bay, sticks, Poe FNGs: @attache
WARMUP: SSH, CP, WMH, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, mosey to the coupons
THE THANG: In honor of the NCAA tournament, one exercise corresponded to each round of the tournament: Play-in Games: 4 100 yards sprints on the minute
Round of 64: 4 * 16 squat thrusts
Round of 32: 2 * 16 derkins
Sweet 16: 2 * 8 blockies
Great 8: 8 * Jump over coupon and back
Final 4: 4* Suicides 6, 18, 50
Championship– F3 Basketball!: Teams divided into guys wearing red vs. not red (5 on 4). Each missed shot is followed by a burpee; each made shot is 5 merkins. I’m not sure of the score, but a lot of merkins and burpees were performed. MARY: Flutter kicks, 68 LBCs
COT: Spring time is upon us. A lot of us will be working in and planting in our yards. Naturalist Doug Duren has a saying about the land we own and live in: “It’s not ours, it’s our turn.” We are stewards of our own little piece of the environment even in the suburbs. So try including native plants into your yards this year. The wildlife that lives around us needs a home too.

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