strolling to the patriot / coliseum with some coupons and pitstops

DATE: 2022-03-11
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: sticks, Yardbird, Old Bay, Kodiak, Disco, Mayberry, Mr Haand, Jenner FNGs: attache
Grab 2 coupons for fast(er) runners to keep the PAX together during the … mosey to coliseum.
Stops along the way, layering on exercises: 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 – sync up with Patriot for a round of 5 burpees/10 merkins/15 squats –
3 sets of 10 each
Box jumps + dips *
Decline merkins + Step ups
In between … group A holds Al Gore, group B runs to stairs, 10 aussie pushups mosey back with 10 monkey humpers and 10 lunges
MARY: 60 LBCs, 25 flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jenner shenanigames on Th 3/17 at Highlands, tri-state ruck Sat AM
COT: thanks to all the PAX who have beaten the fartsack and made Horizon such a great AO; YHC was struck by a vaguely familiar feeling as the weather warms up and COVID goes down. the feeling was optimism. hadn’t had it in awhile but glad it’s back. props to the PAX who showed up, esp during the gloomy winter days, to support each other.

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