Deflator’s 5 Yr F3 Anniversary

DATE: 2022-03-01
AO: Atlantis
Q: Deflator
PAX: Infinity, True North, Rogue, Grease Monkey
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Arm circles x15F x15R
Don Quixote x15
Best stretch ever x10
Tempo Merkin x10
SSH x30
THE THANG: mosey to wall for Man Boob Prevention Mini-Workout Big Arm circles x18
Arm crossovers x18
Chest flys x30
Wall pushes x40
Ups and downs x18

Mosey to Pier for some Tub Thumping – Burpees when they sing “I get knocked down”, side straddle hops otherwise

Mosey to other pier for Lazy Dora. We teamed up in pairs and did a 100 Merkin/plank, 200 LBC/leg lift, and 150 squat/squat hold alternating set. No muscle was left dormant.

Mosey to grassland for some Thunder
Hold Plank; Merkin for every Thunder.
MARY: Dolphin hops, flutter kicks, and 2-speed bicycles.
COT: take your leave guilt free and focus on whomever you are with. We work in resilient organizations that will survive your absence, and will probably grow better for the experience!

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