Whole Lotta Legs with the 7 of Diamonds

DATE: 2022-02-08
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Deagle, Winston, CashOnly, ShowMe
FNGs: Lefty, Dungeon Mast East, Cannoli

SSH x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 16 IC
Windmills x 16 IC
Frankensteins x 15 each way OYO
Two laps with karaoke (1) and jailbreak (2) sprints on the sides Swing Billies x 16 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC
Harry Rockettes x 16 IC
Cherry Pickers x 16 IC

It’s Leg Day! Seven of Diamonds: Coupons at 4 corners . . . Around the Diamond 7 x Deep Wide Squats (with coupon)
14 x Bonnie Blairs (with coupon)
21 x Taint Scrapers (coupon to eye level)
28 x Calf Raises (with coupon)
21 x Jump Overs (with coupon)
14 x Alternating Side Squats (with coupon)
7 x Yoke Walk Steps to the next station (with coupon)

MARY: (Rotate – PAX choice – with cadence):
Pickle Pounders x 10 IC – Horshack
Plank Jacks x 10 IC – Deagle
LBCs x 15 IC – ShowMe
Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC – Cannoli
Scissors x 15 IC – CashOnly
Travoltas – x 6 each way IC – Lefty
40 seconds of low plank – Dungeon Master
Flutters x 20 IC – mix of low and high – Winston

Collecting items for Afghan refugees this week at the Tues & Thursday beatdowns. See the What’s App post for more details.

Super Bowl party – 6pm at my place 5028 Baltan Road. Open to kids and partners. I’ll have some assorted beers iced down. Please RSVP with an item you’d like to bring.

Saturday March 12 – Old Bay & Magoo looking to enlist our support and participation in a tri-state Ruck / Hike across Chain Bridge Road (it would replace our 2nd Saturday run). It would end with a breakfast at Bob & Edith’s restaurant (5050 Lee Hwy, Arlington)

The next Adopt a Road Clean up will coincide with Earth Day – on April 23rd (3rd Saturday). The Capital Region now has adopted 4 roads – and they’d like to do a convergence across these sites. With 36 people at Saturday’s clean up, let’s think of creative structures to make the event workable in the future. Found out that they now allow us to leave our trash / recycling bags afterward in a central location and report the pick up site to MoCo.

Aiming for a Q-School in the spring so we can broaden our Q rotation

Q Source 2.7 Targeting

Targeting is about creating opportunities for others to achieve their highest impact – where they can discover and live out their purpose on behalf of others so they can serve. Maslow called this the very highest and most holistic level of human consciousness – the freedom to move beyond yourself and find true Joy.

Relational Rhythm – The individual components of life are best when they’re in sync for any of them to function properly. If your diet is out of control, relationships can decelerate, when time isn’t made for family, relationships with kids suffer etc.

Black History Factoid – on this day in 1968 actor Gary Coleman was born – all 4’ 8” of him (“what you talking ‘bout”, Winston?)

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