Capture the Flag

DATE: 2022-02-05
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pop Fly, Lucius, Roddick, Yard Sale, Zeus, Ashe, Faceplant, Hightower, Juneau, Monarch, Monk, Pep Talk, Popeyes, Rambler, slider, swish, Toolbox, Yardbird, YNAB, Rollingstone FNGs: None
Thank you Popfly for running warmups!
3 laps around the field. Jog the length, sprint across the end zone.

Capture the Flag. Group split into 2 teams, split the field on 50 yard line. Bell is the flag, placed on their own 15 yard line. If you tap opposite played on your side, they do 3 merkins then return to their side. Objective is to capture the bell and bring back to your side.
To increase the speed of the game, defense could not enter within 5 yards of the bell. Played another variation, moving the flag up to 30 yard line. Played another variation, flag placed outside center circle.

Plank ring of fire, merkin then run & jump of plank PAX around the circle for 2 rounds. Followed by flutter kicks, big boys and LBC’s.

Need PAX to sign up for upcoming Q’s!
The ARC coming Feb 19, we need support folks that night.
The Burden Run coming Feb 26 at Olympus.
Step up Monthly Challenge.

New Year’s resolution, Increase the Suffering, to Strengthen the Bond in our Region. Many thanks for the PAX coming out pushing themselves, gritting out the winter conditions, not finding excuses to Fart Sack!

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