Split the Circle – Arms & Legs for the price of one Beatdown!

DATE: 2022-01-25
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Winston, Deagle, Butter, CashOnly, ShowMe
FNGs: DungeonMaster, Cartel (FNG)
SSH x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Swing Billies x 14 IC
Windmills x 12 IC
Two laps with karaoke (1) and jailbreak (2) sprints on the sides Learning to Fly x 10 (arm circles with slow squats – five each direction) Plank Jack Merkins x 11 IC
Harry Rockettes x 16 IC
Cherry Pickers x 13 IC

Split the Circle x 3 Rounds – Grab the Coupons (45 sec on / 15 off) Legs: Squats & Alternating Lunges
Arms: Curls & Cross Grip Upward Rows
TRANSITION: Yoke Walk between Arms & Legs (x 4)

Freddie Mercuries x 16 IC
Box Cutters x 10 Each Way IC (hold Coupon Up)
Leg Lift Rosalitas x 18 IC
American Hammers x 14 IC
Flutters x 21 IC

* Switching over to What’s App. If you’re not on Slack, let Deagle know
* Thirsty 4th Thursday – Irish Inn at Glen Echo at 6:30p (others from Capital Region might join us)
* First Saturday is Feb 5th – Adopt a Road Clean up after our beatdown. I will have the Service Learning forms with me to sign.
* Saturday March 12 – Old Bay & Magoo looking to enlist our support and participation in a tri-state Ruck / Hike across Chain Bridge Road (it would replace our 2nd Saturday run)

* Count-o-rama; Name-o-rama
* Named our newest FNG Cartel (David Antonioli)

Q Source 2.6 “Correction”

Being willing to correct others for the good of the group, toward a shared standard. Correction demonstrates advocacy, courage and love – especially in the face of resistance and when delivered to a group’s leadership.

Groups who are committed to a shared standard create and reinforce guardrails to protect the standard from compromise. In other words, members with a shared standard must advocate for it and preach what they practice. It takes courage.

Group members who care about their standards seek accountability knowing we suffer from the inevitable slippage and shortcomings. Like all humans, we know each of us have personal blind spots and occasionally succumb to hypocrisy.

Being a corrector is a culturally thankless job–but one that is necessary for the ultimate Advantage of the Group. But correction takes more than courage – it also takes love.

Telling a hard truth, that is, a truth that most would like to avoid, carries a bit of shame for the group if even for just a moment. As long as the intent of correction is not to shame, but to build up the group. If so, the intent comes from love. Without the intent of love, but rather with the intent to diminish others, correction can easily become bullying.

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