LT Dan’s and Low Impact Field Work

DATE: 2022-01-24
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Chile, Sparky, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None
WarmUp: Beet Pickers, Don Quixotes, IWs, Rockettes, LBACs, and Mountain Climbers

The Thang:
LT Dan’s: 1:4 squats-to-lunges (single count)
10 Squats and 40 walking lunge steps
9 Squats and 36 walking lunge steps

2 Squats and 8 walking lunge steps
1 Squat and 4 walking lunge steps

20 Merkins
40 Squats
25m Bear Crawl
20 Reverse Lunges, IC

Mary: Toes2Sky, American Hammers, Rope Climbers, Side Crunches, and LBCs.

As my children progress to teenagers and beyond, I am finding my role in my family less defined and valued. Combined with mid-life crisis, this can be dangerous.

“What our culture calls a mid-life crisis is actually a Sad Clown’s effort to self-prescribe a remedy for his joyless inertia. Instead of filling the holes in his life, the Sad Clown concludes that he is a man whose wife and job are making him unhappy when, in fact, he is an unhappy man with a wife and a job.” – Dredd and OBT, Freed to Lead

As my late grandfather said in my patriarchal blessing, “Your children will learn from who you are than from what you say.” So, even though our role may not seem as important with older/grown up children, it is even more crucial. While it may not be physically exhausting, it requires more character and leadership to make a difference in the lives of older children.

Succeeding at life is meant to be a team support. Who is watching your back?

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