/insert Kenny Rogers reference

DATE: 2022-01-20
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Early Bird
PAX: Winklevoss, Fonda
FNGs: Churchill, Bus Stop, Woodshop, Deep Dish, Ultimate Warrior, Azimuth, Miller Time COUNT: 10
Welcome back Early Bird to the Q and he knows how to bring it; shuffle up and deal, it’s deck-of-cards day. Scott has the official waterproof F3 deck of cards with exercises printed on them. You know the rules – clubs = core, hearts = cardio, spades = legs, diamonds = upper body. Number cards + 10 = # of reps, face cards = 25 reps, Ace = 100.

WARMUP: Russian solider, butt kickers, high knees, Don Quixote

– 6H = backward run 60 yds
– 3S = 13 Wojo squats (Steve Wojciechowski was fired as coach of Marquette after last season) 3D = 300m sprint
KD = 25 Merkins
4S = 14 alternating side squat
AD = 100 arm circles
8C = 18 luge crunches
3C = 13 high slow flutter kick
4C = heels to heaven leg lifts
AH = 100 SSH
8D = 18 merkin
JH = plank jacks natch
10S = lunge walk 100m, which is far
JD = 25 dips
7S = 17 monkey humper
2S = 12 Bulgarian split squat
QS = 25 monkey humper
7H = bear crawl 50 yds
4H = 400m sprint – 1 lap around the track
6D = 16 wide arm merkin
QH = 25 diamond merkin
3D = Chuck Norris merkin (push the earth down, duh)
5S = 15 standing lunge
6C = 60s low plank
KH = 25 mountain climber

MARY: a sufficient number of spades were drawn to satisfy this requirement

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Birthday Woodshop, welcome back Deep Dish

COT: rain really picked up about halfway through so everyone bolted for dry land.

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