No Comfort

DATE: 2022-01-17
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: Bone, Big Short, CableGuy, Exile (Cherokee), Ice Tea, Jag, Lazlo, Spokes, Yardbird, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
Intermittent Mosey through the slush; SSH; LBACs; Imperial Walkers; Windmills; Moroccan Night Clubs

PAX took turns farmer carrying two 60-lb sandbags for 70 yards. Rest exercises included Air Presses; LBACs; Sun Gods; Overhead Claps; Seal Claps; Carolina Slush Docks; Alternating Shoulder Taps; Squats; Jump Squats; Copperhead Squats; Lunge Steps; and Everest Steps. Repeat 3x for 210 yards of farmer’s carry per PAX.

PAX took turns running sandbags and a log from corner to corner of a 35-yard square. Sundry rest exercises from the list above while waiting for the next coupon.

PAX passed a sandbag from PAX to PAX. Then each did a burpee. Repeat-o for more fun.

Merkins; Flutter Kicks

* Wreath Pick-Up 1/22 – bring a hockey stick or just pick them up;
* Polar Bear Plunge 2/5 – turn Old Bay and Fish Fry into ice cubes other PAX may join, but only if they have seafood-related names;
* Abominable Ruck Challenge 2/19 – warm-up rucks 05:30 Sundays at Social Distance.

In “The Comfort Crisis,” Michael Easterbrook discusses the benefits, both physical and mental, of doing challenging things. He talks of the Misogi challenge – the practice of taking on big challenges that take one of his or her comfort zone. Doing something bold (or even CSAUP) resets body and mind. This year, do something that scares you. Challenge yourself.

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