Fire up the Furnace with Tabata & Double Burpees

DATE: 2022-01-11
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Deagle, CashOnly, Butter, Winston
FNGs: None
• SSH x 25 IC
• Trunk Twisters x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 18 IC
• Grady Corn x 25 IC (Named for Grady Pitstick – Knoxville PAX – who died at the young age of 30) • Slow Count Willie Mays Hayes x 12 IC
• Two laps w/ Kareoke and Jailbreak sprints on the sides
• Plankjacks x 15 IC
• Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

THE THANG: Tabata style: 4 Rounds with 8 exercises – 20s exercise / 10s rest 1. Burpees
2. American hammers
3. Side lunges
4. Squats
5. Double the burpees, double the fun
6. Dips
7. Monkey Humpers
8. Mountain climbers
Each round followed by a recovery run around the blacktop

• Flutters x 25 IC
• Reverse crunches x 20 IC
• Windshield Wipers x 15 IC
• Reverse Plank-o-rama IC
• Leg Lift Rosalitas x 15 IC
• X-factors x 10 IC , plus 10 more without our heels touching the ground • Protractor with flutters to close

COT: Q-Source 2.5 – Accountability
Every man has Blind Spots, the hard-wired gaps in his nature that he cannot see without help. Blind spots are not moral weaknesses that a man can work through in solitude to overcome. Blind spots are revealed by seeing personal obstacles from a different perspective, much like side mirror alerts on a car reveal obstacles before they cause real danger.

Like side mirrors, seeking accountability structures with others helps men reveal obstacles in their blind spots. No matter how dedicated or deliberate a man is in the building of his Guardrails, there will be some stretches of his road that he will not be able to shore up on his own. However, together, men can build true Accountability into their lives by sharing and submitting to three things: Standards, Enforcement of standards, and Consequences.

#1) A Standard is an objective measure of performance or behavior. To be Effective, it must be inarguable. If it contains any subjective wiggle-room then it is not a Standard. Likewise, standards are not high-sounding ideals or ethical aspirations that cannot be concretely defined.

#2) Enforcement is an external force that applies a Standard. Without Enforcement, a man’s Blind Spots will lead him to continually lower his own Standards to meet his own declining performance until both meet at the bedrock of his life. Accountability takes others to help cover your blind spots and enforce the higher standards you’ve committed to. In the Army, regularly and publicly standing on a scale was the enforcement of the weight standard.

#3) Consequences are the results of the Enforcement of a Standard. Aside from the very real consequence of shame, in the Army, the consequence for missing the weight standard at weigh ins was required participation in the Army Weight Control Program, aka the Fat Boy Program. Failure to make progress led to a second consequence – involuntary separation from the Army.

For Dredd, the author of Q Source and founder of F3, striving to standards with other men, rather than as a monastic solo act, gave him back the Accountability he had lacked since leaving the military. During the 15 years between leaving the military and starting F3, he had lost and gained 40 pounds on a regular basis – he calls it his Pogo 40.

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