The #1 Rule of Zombieland

DATE: 2022-01-05
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Old Bay, Disco, 3 mile, Kodiak, Maj. Payne, Undertow
FNGs: @kombucha
WARMUP: Shuffle, JumpRope, High Knees, Lunge Twist, Deadlift twist, Fellowship lap
THE THANG: jump rpe, 180 jumps, rev lunge to high kick, traveling squats, tomb raider leaps, lunge claps, prisoner squat, quick feet, ice skaters, seal claps, jump squat, Frankensteins. MARY: Hillbilly, Warrior Balance, Fellowship lap
COT: Not good looking, but adaptable – like the urban coyote.

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