The 2021 to 2022 Journey

DATE: 2021-12-31
AO: Patriot
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Flipper, Grease Monkey, Ice Tea, Infinity, Deflator, Bone, Trolley FNGs: None

10 x SSH
10 x IW
10 x WMH
10 x Cherry pickers
10 x LBAC front and back
10 x Merkins IC


Travel 20 yds via bear crawl between the following:
21 x Merkins
21 x BWS
21 x Bonnie Blair’s
21 x LBCsuu
21 x Flutter kicks
21 x Wide Merkins
21 x American Hammers
21 x Hand release Merkins
21 x Rear lunges

22 x Star jumpers (Happy New Year!)

Transition to 20 yd lunge walk between the following:
22 x Dry docks
22 x Front lunges
22 x Dips
22 x Burpees
22 x Coupon curls
22 x Coupon overhead press
22 x Coupon Thrusters
22 x Coupon swings
22 x Coupon squats
22 x Blockees

1 x F3 cadence lap with @deflator on cadence call.

MARY: 22 x Flutter kicks (of course!)


Prayers for all those struggling with COVID.

ARC coming up Feb 19! Great training for the GTE 26 in Greenville, NC. The hardest part is signing up!


We had a lot of challenges in 2021 to be certain. COVID was a huge burden as the year began, but hope emerged as the vaccine came. 2022 brings new challenges, but we have hope – and faith – that this new year will bring new opportunities! But we cannot do it alone! We know that we must rely on our brothers that stand beside us. Always be looking around for those that need help. They are everywhere and we see them all the time. Take some time to engage, because the words you say may mean more than you will ever know. Happy New Year to all of you and your families, and never stop head locking!


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