The 4th Day of Christmas

DATE: 2021-12-28
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Winklevoss
PAX: Winklevoss
FNGs: Ultimate Warrior, Early Bird, Bus Stop, Churchill
WARMUP: We have a standard warm around here, get used to it. Four laps today instead of the usual two, followed by circle up and 20 IC SSH, IW, Don Quixote, Russian Soldier.

THE THANG: (do I have to call it “the thang”? I will if I have to). Sideline stations – 30 shoulder presses with rucksack while others do – plank, step ups on bench, dips, squats. 3x through followed by 800m (2 laps). Around the horn ab exercises – 25 IC crunches, astronaut, 20 IC ‘these’ (heel taps), 20 IC Russian Twist/American Hammer, 20 IC Freddie Mercury. Finish with your fastest 400m (one lap) – all went around in less than two minutes. Two just might have come in under 6min mile pace. Just 104 more laps like that and you’ll run a 2:37 marathon.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Safe travels to Churchill for New Year’s. Possible NYE afternoon get-together in Riverside Estates, details to follow.

COT: standard parking lot chatter

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