(Not Quite) a 3-hour tour (of the AO) plus F3 Ultimate

DATE: 2021-12-22
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Poe
PAX: Infinity, Kodiak, Old Bay, Magoo, Hightower, sticks, 3 mile, Lazlo, Disco FNGs: Attache, FNG Coach Hand, Kombucha
WARMUP: Fellowship lap, interrupted by SSH, Willy Mays Hayes, Down Dog, Cobra Kai, Merkins, LBAC’s THE THANG: Mosey to baseball field
2 x Inside the Park Homeruns, sprinting around the bases
Mosey to nearby hill
2 x 10 merkins at base of hill, 15 BWS halfway up, 20 LBC at top Mosey to front of school
2 x 15 curb dips, 10 curb heel taps each leg
Mosey to parking lot
lunge walk to other side of lot
Mosey to corner
2 x 10 derkins
mosey up stairs to bike rack
2 x 10 aussie pullups and 10 count plank
Mosey to field
20 minutes of F3 Ultimate, 1 burpee when frisbee hit the deck, 50 LBCs, 25 BWS, 15 merkins for the 3 points scored

MARY: body saw, flutter kicks, ring of fire with legs held up resisting pax pushing them down ANNOUNCEMENTS: Christmas holiday Friday, workout start time 7am
COT: YHC crossed over the half century mark this past weekend; when you get to a certain age, your career is on autopilot and all your kids need from you any more is money; all you really get to choose is who you spend your time with and I choose to get up at 5am 3 times a week to spend it with my F3 brothers.

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