“Meet me at the corner”

DATE: 2021-12-22
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Rocketman
FNGs: None
1.5 laps around the field
15x Michael Phelps
15x Cherry Pickers
15x Jumping Jacks
10x Nolan Ryan’s – both sides
15x Mountain climbers

1st corner:
25x Sit-ups
10x merkins “Carolina”
10x burpees


2nd corner:
15 bicycle kicks
15 merkins/shoulder taps
10x burpees

Bear crawl- OYO
Lunges- OYO

3rd corner
15 Flutter kicks
15 Angle Grinder knee,plank,down merkins-switch
10x burpees


4th corner
15x American Hammer- sit ups side-side
Open suggestion
Open suggestion

Bear crawl- OYO
Lunges- OYO

Run around M.S campus

MARY: random stretching

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming: – 2nd Kids work out January TBD – Ruck training TBD – 12/24 Evening Christmas caroling at the promenade.

COT/Words of wisdom: “Mental Health” Clear your mind. Make yourself available and be a motivator to all in need of an extra push!

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