Pearl Harbor 80 Remembrance

DATE: 2021-12-07
AO: General
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Speedo, SubPrime, Lucius, Lazlo, Obadiah, Hightower, Toolbox, Sunshine, 2 percent, Fairweather, Jag, fist pump, Traveler, citrus, petro FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey to the other side of the school to enter the stadium. 80 SSH to commemorate 80 years since the day which will live in infamy.


Trivia Question 1. Which day of the week did the Imperial Japanese Navy attack Pearl Harbor?
Answer: Sunday – The Japanese Imperial Forces theorized that early Sunday morning was an ideal time to strike, believing that American forces would be at their most vulnerable.

B.O.M.B.S. to recognize the devastation they caused on the Pacific Fleet
Pair up. PAX A runs to the 30yd line and back, PAX 2 exercises. This is conducted Dora style. 80 reps each of Burpees, Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big Boy Sit-Ups, and Squats

Trivia Question 2. How many American aircraft carriers were damaged in the attack?
Answer: 0 – The U.S. had three aircraft carriers in the Pacific at the time; all three were out to sea on maneuvers.

3 x 100 yd sprints to honor the three carriers that were not damaged because they were out to sea on maneuvers

Trivia Question 3. How many US planes succeeded in getting airborne during the attack?
Answer: A total of 14 American pilots were able to take off from Bellows, Wheeler, and Hale‘iwa Air Fields.

14 x take offs (a burpee followed by a 20 yd “take-off” sprint) to honor the 14 pilots that were able to take off and fight against the Japanese aircraft.

Trivia Question 4. How many American aircraft were destroyed during the attack?
Answer: Nearly 190. The exact number is debated but 188 is generally accepted. It is dependent on the definition of destroyed versus damaged.

19 Dive Bombers for dive bombers that attacked Pearl Harbor

Trivia Question 5. How many Americans were killed during the attack?
Answer: There were a total of 2,403 Americans killed, including 2,008 navy personnel, 109 Marines, 218 army soldiers and 68 civilians. 1,177 were from the USS Arizona alone.

2 x burpees, 40 x Merkins, 3 x BWS to honor the 2,403 Americans that perished.

Trivia Question 6. How many Imperial Japanese fighter planes were shot down? Answer: 29 – Nine were lost in the first attack; 20 in the second.

29 x Air Presses to recognize the 29 enemy fighters shot down.

Trivia Question 7. How far did the Japanese planes fly to attack Pearl Harbor?
Answer: 230 Miles – Six aircraft carriers sailed undetected for 4,000 miles to launch the attack. The Imperial naval strike force remained stationed 230 miles north of O’ahu during both waves of the attack.

23 Overhead Claps for the 230 miles the enemy had to travel from their carriers to attack Pearl Harbor.


Trivia Question 8. How many battleships were sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Answer: 0 (technically) – Eight battleships were there. Two were “lost in action,” the Navy’s term for damage that permanently destroys a ship’s usefulness. None were “sunk,” which means disappearing below the sea surface (the most obvious but not the only way to become lost in action). Pearl Harbor is shallow, with only a few feet of water separating the battleship’s bottoms from the harbor bottom.

2 lost in action (USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma) – 20 x Flutter Kicks

2 heavily damaged (USS California and USS West Virginia) – 20 x Big Boy Sit-Ups

3 Relatively lightly damaged (USS Maryland, USS Tennessee, USS Pennsylvania) – 30 x American Hammers

1 Able to get underway (USS Nevada) – 10 x V-Ups

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bowling coming up. Please HC if interested. Check the #2ndf channel. Wreath laying coming up as well. Check Slack for deets.

COT: Remember that those who perished on Dec 7, 1941 woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning and their world was turned upside down in an instant. That can happen to any one of us, and there’s not always something we can do about it. Something we can do is get ourselves right by being mentally and physically fit, then make sure we have others to lean on and also make sure we have a strong faith system in place. We all have that right now with F3, and it’s so important to keep growing within ourselves and to continue to grow the group so other men can have what we have to make ourselves more resilient. Our resiliency is what makes us better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, etc.


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