Back inspired stations

DATE: 2021-12-02
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pop Fly, Joint Chief, Rambler, Zeus, Sheldon, Glee, Obadiah, Heatstroke (MeCa Region), Hightower FNGs: None
General warmup and stretching

9 stations:
Shuttle run and timer station
Pull pallet with cinderblock
Reverse med ball toss
Bear crawl
Med ball slams
Battle rope pull loaded pallet
Walk lunges
After round 1 complete, Burpee Bobby to tennis courts. Active recovery for high knee step ups. Then continue burpee Bobby to Olympus stairs. Active recovery for (2) round of 20 calf raises on steps Then repeat 9 stations for round 2

Fellowship jog to far side of parking lot to circle up for 3 rounds of core.

Prayers for Rambler’s mother in-law and Heat Stokes parents, especially his dad. Both struggling and both need prayers. 2F bowling 12/16
3F Wreathes across America 12/18

Pray for our PAX to have the strength to continue to be leaders for our families and our communities that need us.

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