The Adjudicator: I Submit

DATE: 2021-12-01
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Lucius, CableGuy, Big Short, Bone, citrus, Coconuts, Fish Fry, Ice Tea, Maj. Payne, Roadkill, Shake and Bake, Speedo, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
Let a guy roam around to some other regions and he’s bound to come back with ideas. Not always good ideas. Hat tip to Puget Sound for today’s shenanigans.

WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, cherry pickers, Mountain Man Poopers
Closed the warm-up by playing 21, first with SSH. The Q counted off the first 5 SSH in cadence. The PAX then had to count silently and stop on 21. If anyone messes up, there’s a penalty. The PAX nailed this one. Looked like a bunch of professionals. We moved on to squats. This was was a little ragged. I don’t think anyone missed the count, but we were out of sync enough that the Q imposed a light penalty of 5 burpees.

THE THANG: The Adjudicator.
PAX gathered in the corner of the endzone and did the Q’s choice – another 5 burpees. Just so everyone remembers what 5 burpees feels like. The Q then chose an Adjudicator (Wedding Singer) and another PAX to pick an exercise as we ran a quarter lap and regathered at the next corner of the field. That PAX submits an exercise to the Adjudicator. If the Adjudicator believes it is harder than 5 burpees, the PAX leads us in that exercise. If not, we do 10 burpees. (There was some dissention about that. It was the rule. No matter what I said.) The PAX that picked the exercise then chooses the next PAX, and becomes the Adjudicator for the next round. The Q had other plans for the day, but with a great turnout, we were just able to have everyone submit an exercise. I can’t guarantee that these are exactly right, but the exercises chosen were something like: -30 shoulder tap merkins
-15 Kraken burpees [Mumblechatter PAX: “But it only has to be harder than 5 burpees.” Cable Guy: “OK, then 15 Kraken burpees.” Well played.] -25 copperhead squats
-Balls to the Wall chicken peckers while singing the national anthem (gratefully unrecorded) -30 dips
-25 flutter kicks (questionable adjudication)
-20 yd traveling merkin
-bear crawl to the 30, lunge back
-Traveling burpee to the 20 and back (!)
-Merkin Ring of Fire (with Omicron variant)
-6 burpees and a full lap
And as we were running out of time, thanks Wedding Singer for closing with some Mary exercises: -30 LBCs, 10 BB sit ups, 20 flutter kicks (thanks

MARY: Out of time. Wedding Singer picked us up.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bowling! Look it up. Need HCs to confirm the reservation.
Give2Give is still live. The competition is over. The good work that they do is not. Please continue to support.

COT: As you think about how to support your community, think about how you can get involved. Don’t stop donating – that is the lifeblood of these organizations. But how can you get engaged locally, and get your fellow PAX engaged? Consider organizing a 3rd F function in the next 12 months. We can have an active 3rd F calendar pretty quickly if more of us get involved.

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