Motivators and DORA

DATE: 2021-11-30
AO: Atlantis
Q: Grease Monkey
PAX: Infinity, Rogue, Hammerhead, Bratwurst, Deflator, True North FNGs: Zoom lander
WARMUP: A series of exercises including multiple rounds of SSHs and burpees. THE THANG:
Mosey to the pier and perform 10-1 motivators
Indian Run to the Nationals Stadium
DORA with the stairs:
– 150 Merkins
– 200 Hello Dolly’s
– 75 Toy Soldiers off stairs
Mosey back to start
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rogue on Q Friday; Deflator on Q next Tuesday.
COT: Good thought on living in the moment, rather than fretting about the past or future.

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