Making room for the turkey…

DATE: 2021-11-25
AO: Freestate
Q: CashOnly
PAX: Horshack, ShowMe, Winston, Deagle
FNGs: Sherlock, Chief
· SSH x 25 IC
· Hairy Rockets x15 IC
· The Chinook x 20 IC each side
· Michael Phelps x 15 IC
· Mosey around the blacktop, skipping on the sides
· Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
· Windmills x 15 IC
· Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

· Black top Football Coupon Dora 4-3-2-1 / Mosey across and back the blacktop passing football

o 400 Chest press (2.0s – 10 press each round)
o 300 Jump over
o 200 Curls (2.0s – 10 curls each round)
o 100 Pullups (2.0s – 10 pullups each round)

· Recovery with Wide Receiver Burpees – 2.0s QB (5 rounds – 1 shot for each WR, holding plank waiting for the turn, 1 burpee before plank per missed catch, winning team 5 burpees / loosing 10 burpees)…

(led by Chief… great Q!)
· Reverse Crunches x 20 IC
· Dying Cockroach x 20 IC
· Plank-o-Rama
· LBC x20 IC
· Dollys x 10 IC + 10 flutters

Happy Thanksgiving

Cashonly reflected on how thankful he is for this group and the change it made in his life. We all agreed with that…

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